Weaving on the move. In the car!

I have been weaving in the car for years now.  I was always the driver for years since being American put me way more experienced then my Latvian country man who got his drivers licenses when we were together.  I already had ten years on him at that point!  But now I am very happy to be the co-pilot, navigator, backseat driver and weaver (which makes me be not so good at the first 3.  When I began I would tie a knot and close it in the glove compartment (who puts gloves in there now?).  That worked but less working space and often created uneven edges.  One day while managing by navigating position with the GPS I saw the suction cup with a whole new purpose.  Im not sure if all are created equal but ours holds a lot of tension.  So when we drive to the city (Riga) I know thats one band down.  Sometimes, like in summer,  it is the only time I get to weave.


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