about us

Clare started her weaving path almost ten years ago in Norway. There she set-up looms for handicap women to weave. Those clanky wooden looms hit some heart strings and she was hooked. Life was on the road those days and for years to come so she found a solution, the backstrap loom. She made them from whatever she could, but mostly cardboard. Once her and Edgars dug some roots in the country (or rather middle of the woods) they started their crafting ''career'', maybe more better stated as lifestyle, and now here in the shop you see some of those results. 
Clare designs the tools and Edgars makes most of them. And from the very birth of the tools. He saws the trees down, mills them in his self built sawmill, and the process continues until somebody on the other side of the earth finds this tool in their hands and makes beautiful creations.
We are simply humble craft folk living on a proected forest.  Volunteers from all over the world come to our home to learn and we also teach arts and crafts to folk around latvia, mostly to little people.