Harvest what you craft — tablet loom

for the love of plum

Now we are making several of our classic shuttles in plum. We just love plum!  It really is just beautiful.  It has a wide range of grain contrast and can even have purple, red, and green strips.  We have  some from old (old!) plums trees that were in our fruit orchard and also have selvedged from friends houses too.  It is from an old variety that was very popular.  A very sour small yellow plum.  Our ancestors praised sour plum for it gut loving powers.  Japanese still love there salted sour plums.  Sadly a lot of people cut them down for...

New loom in the making

Clare Anderson-Safronova

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New loom in the making

I have been testing out a new small table loom.  The idea was for it to be for band weaving but other narrow warps can be woven too.  The great thing is you can use it for not only rigid heddle, but whatever your weaving preference is, tablet (card), string heddles, or many styles of rigid heddles. One side is a ,,wind up,, and the other side we used out rolling lock system like in the bandlocks. Advancing is easy and it stays locked in place.  I really like that system because instead of the textile being wrapped up, you...