New loom in the making

Clare Anderson-Safronova

weaving loomweaving loom

I have been testing out a new small table loom.  The idea was for it to be for band weaving but other narrow warps can be woven too.  The great thing is you can use it for not only rigid heddle, but whatever your weaving preference is, tablet (card), string heddles, or many styles of rigid heddles.

One side is a ,,wind up,, and the other side we used out rolling lock system like in the bandlocks. Advancing is easy and it stays locked in place.  I really like that system because instead of the textile being wrapped up, you can see it! which is nice for when you are trying to create an even textile and so you can really see and measure how much you have woven.  Very innovative on Edgars side I must say!

Will be ready Spring 2020.  We will be going to Florida (where I am from) to visit family and friends.  We will be back March and ready to create again.  

Happy weaving to everyone!


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  • I have your rigid heddle and love it but I would like to know how to card weave with it. Is there a way to take the heddle off?

    Sharon Villier

  • Is this loom for sale yet? I believe that I saw it on Facebook this morning. How do you use your band lock on one end? That was not clear in the photos. I am very interested in purchasing. I live in the USA. Thank you!


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