5 double slotted pattern loom

The 5 pattern bands are cranking out these days. Why?  Its just so easy to get in the rhythm with 5 strings.  Im starting to think its just as fast as plain weave.  here are a few drafts to color up your bands with.  There are more available to download here

A complete loom setup ready to weave is on the shop as well.

The band above is linen background warp, as well as the borders and weft.  The colors are in wool.  That is the traditional band material in Northern Europe.  In Latvia and the other Baltic countries you will find weavers doing this. However Scandinavia has been using cotton for a while, sometimes with wool or all cotton.  Not traditional to say but simply, cotton I is easier to buy at the stores.  We are lucky in the Baltics.  Linen is widely available and used.  Most of it these days is coming from Belarus.  There are still factories here but of course Belarus has more competitive prices.

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