Visiting the wool mill

Clare Anderson-Safronova

wool mill
wool millwool millwool millwool millwool mill
Paces wool mill in Latvia.
Finally we had the chance to visit the mill we source our wool from.  Its on the complete other side of Latvia.  Yes, Latvia is a small country and the size is relative.  But driving 4 hours seems like a big commitment here.
I have been dreaming of the wool mill ever since I saw the wool.  The wool mill is the only one in Latvia that you can bring your own wool and get yarn in exchange.  And that is how they get all the fiber. Then they clean it the traditional way in a salt pond.  This preserves as much lanolin as possible.  Most mills buy wool from Australia or New Zealand.  The wool is so processed that they have to add some vegetable oil.  Yuck!  This fiber is oil and sheepy, just how we like it.  The mill smells wonderful and seeing all that wool together does give you a kid-in-candy-store type of  feeling.  Oh and more...they use natural dyes.  You cannot get better wool.  I wonder if there is any other one in Europe like that?

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