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The Heddler, A flexible table loom

The Heddler, A flexible table loom

The simple table loom to take around.  The Heddler. Works with other heddles or tablets. It is simple and holds a fair amount of warp.


Here is a great review of it that a customer C.A. from Australia said:

Simple and ingenious design to make a versatile loom that will allow regular rigid heddle cloth to be woven, or for band weaving. It arrives as a kit that takes about 10 minutes to assemble with a philips head screwdriver, and its good to go. It is a bit longer than looms of this size generally are, and it has back and front beams as well as warp and cloth beams, and best of all, it will take card/tablet weaving as well as the various ethnic band-weaving styles from the Baltic, the Andes and Asia, and there is plenty of room for hand manipulation of warp and weft. Tension is provided by a thick rubber washer, and its easy to release to advance the warp. Its a well-thought out general purpose loom for those who love hands-on weaving and a great addition to my weaving tools!

for the love of plum

Now we are making several of our classic shuttles in plum. We just love plum!  It really is just beautiful.  It has a wide range of grain contrast and can even have purple, red, and green strips.  We have  some from old (old!) plums trees that were in our fruit orchard and also have selvedged from friends houses too.  It is from an old variety that was very popular.  A very sour small yellow plum.  Our ancestors praised sour plum for it gut loving powers.  Japanese still love there salted sour plums.  Sadly a lot of people cut them down for...